Training OR Exercise?

Yay! Gyms are open and even if the rules have changed, that’s a great news for those who missed the gym environment. Which is me :)))

Now the main thing - where do we start?

Now it's even more confusion, as social media was over flooded with people exercising. 

I do believe that it’s a good way to get into fitness journey, definitely better than doing nothing. You move your body and burn some calories. And it tend to be not extremely challenging mentally. And of course, it's not tailored for each person's needs (don't expect that from group training).

If you want to start losing weight - exercising is fun, always a lot of variety, community support, meeting new people. That's totally fine by me.

Training on the other side - is structured and goal-oriented. Training is a long-term journey. There are stages of development and natural progressions.

And no surprise, it requires a lot more commitment. A lot of people will be bored with training. That's where trainer's personality comes into place, I guess, to make it more interesting to go through:)))

Training is not a lot of fun in a moment usually. But it is a requirement for the long-term fulfillment. Developed strong mindset and character is a beautiful bioproduct of it.

Most people don’t train, and that’s ok. I had both structured programming and exercising over the past 8 years of non-stop fitness journey.

I love to use metaphors to explain complex things (thanks to my first education as philologist).

Training is a long-term committed relationship and exercising is a dating part :)

It’s fun for awhile, but most of us are aiming for something more fulfilling on the deeper level. In both.

Each of us needs a purpose.

We are goal-oriented beings and if you have lost motivation for fitness  AGAIN, maybe it’s  time to start training and not to settle for a quick fix, that will leave you disappointed AGAIN. You know what I mean ;-)

I stopped encouraging people who aren't ready to commit to start training maybe 2 years ago. I don't think it's productive time for both people.

Here is what you need to know when you think to start training or exercising. You will need to do either of it at some point in life.

Who needs training?

  1. Someone who is ready to work minimum 6-12 months for a certain goal - be it weight-loss, muscle-gain, performance goal.

  2. Special population: younger than 18, older than 50; pre- and postnatal clients, people with injuries. These are the people for whom general exercising can be even dangerous.

Who can start with exercising?

  1. Weight-loss in the range of 2-10kg (1-3 months goals).

  2. Someone, who just started to train - you can explore different classes and find what you like and don't. And then make up your mind where to go.

What do you need to start training?

  1. Commitment.

  2. Focus 100% energy on the process, rather than result.

  3. Find the trainer you trust. This is the person you will need to deal with for quite awhile.

I never approached a coach when I wasn't ready for minimum 6 months of work. And don't suggest you either.

In my humble opinion, having analyzed clients, friends and myself for the past 8 years, I came to this conclusion:

The only way to stay fit and healthy for life is having a long-term goal and a structured plan how to get there.

Yep, most probably you will need a coach for this one. And online coaching is a great affordable alternative to personal training. And I honestly started to love it even more during the 2.5 months quarantine time. Or you can go for a few months of exercising and I will see you soon :)

with Love and Compassion

your Coach,


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