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Top 10 “Must-Have" Books

There is always must-have in clothes. Little black dress, nude shoes, white t-shirt make a difference in any girl’s closet. Not sure what goes for men, but they must have some necessities as well.

Fore me, fashion is an external beauty, reading, on the other side - is a tool that makes us more beautiful on the inside

Today I want to give my must-have books. These are the ones that make the most difference in our thinking.

My life philosophy is based on combination of these gems. I can never get tired of reading them. It is like talking to a wise person. And it is available at any time to us.

A little bit of a back story about my own reading journey, as I wasn’t a reader before.

I didn’t read anything useful untill I was 22. I could read articles in a magazine, love novels and light detective stories.

Everything changed with one single book, that I didn’t read actually, I have listened to it. This book has found me through one acquaintance. She told me: ‘If you are not completely lost, this book will help you.” This sounded like a good motivation...

I checked for it and was not able to find it. And I have forgotten about it successfully.

And one day it popped up in my mind again, few months later. At that time I was getting even worse mentally, my life was falling apart, or it seemed so.

That book was “The monk, who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma.

And my "journey of a thousand miles has begun".

It is almost a decade since I have started looking for the answers, I have found many of them. Any time I had a problem, I would look for a solution. I really did have many problems :)))

And here are my top 10 books that I reread or re-listen, the ones that never get old.

  1. “7 Habits of Highly Effective people.” Stephen Covey

  2. “Think and Grow Rich.” Napoleon Hill

  3. “Benjamin Franklin Autobiography"

  4. “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Dale Carnegie

  5. “The Art of Exceptional Living.” Jim Rohn

  6. “The Law of Success.” Napoleon Hill

  7. “Awaken the Giant Within.” Tony Robbins

  8. “Conversations with God.” Book 1 - Neale Donald Walsh

  9. “You are the Placebo.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

  10. “Power of Now.” - Echart Tolle

Most of the books have been out there in the world for almost or more than a century.

Apparently, what used to work 100 years ago, still works now.

These are the great books to start with. The last 4 are not as old, but I am sure they would stay for awhile, as have the wisdom of current days.

It is never late to get curious and start looking for the answers.

They are all out there, available to us at any time.

with Love and Blessings,

your coach Irina Al Daker

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