Personal Development. Where to start from?

Many people start, but few will finish.

Personal Development has a bad reputation, as way too often we see many delusional and overexcited people. Just meditate - and your life changes, just do gratitude journal and you are a happy person.

How do I know?

I was one of them for 3 years 2013-2015. All my focus was on - achieving, being positive, separating yourself from the crowd etc. No wonder everyone thought I was arrogant :)))

Luckily, life kicked me in a gut in 2015. That's when I started to reconsider my life choices and my whole identity during 6 months.

I had a long Friday walks in JBR, I used to leave the house at 8-10:00am and coming back at 10:00pm. I didn’t want to be around people at all and didn't want to stay in my misery at home as well. I didn’t know who I was, but I was determined to figure out.

I kept certain habits and discarded the others.


I continued Personal Development, but this time with more wisdom and filter. Why?

Because it works.

5 years forward - I have learned many more things and  Nutrition, Training and Meditation are still my main health, energy and sanity keepers. The main reason for it is that I also don’t drink and smoke and don’t want to anymore, the above habits remove the need for useless ones.

And of course - that's what I have chosen to do as my job, no-one forced me to become a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I wanted to master this area of life myself and teach others how to do so.

I still learn and try personal development tools, as I love to experiment, and now I feel that every single mentor and information comes just in the right time, when I need it.

I have been always asked about different books and videos, audios and wanted to make a go-to list for finding insights. And so I don't need to spend 15 minutes explaining when I am in rush to another training.

  At some point I was even overconfident and considered myself to know all the answers, thanks to my constant tatoo-reminder on the hand “be grateful...stay humble” I was brought back to the humility of curiosity all the time.

 In my personal opinion:

Knowledge without kindness and compassion - is just arrogance.

And I wouldn’t want to choose this way.

I love learning, but there is no point to learn more, when we don't share.

I am a huge believer - that The Universe abhors the vacuum, and when we give and share - there will be more to come and fill in the empty space. Circulation - is a life itself.

Here I would like to share few mentors, teachers, who are respected and well-known around the world. I have started to watch YouTube videos everyday in 2013 and still watch them, they are free of charge and no commitment. I consider them a great way to start your Personal Development and switch on the process of expanding your human potential.

Growth is important for every human being, this is a Universal need.

Everything in nature is either growing or dying.

So here are my favorite answer-givers, reminders, all of them you can find on YouTube:

1. When you struggle with Relationships and don’t know why:

a) Alain de Botton, especially video: “Why you will marry a wrong person”

b) Tony Robbins - all videos about “Relationship”

c) Matthew Hussey - focused on advice for women, specific events we all go through in dating, choosing Mr.Right and he is cute (single girls will like for sure:)))

d) Esther Perel - relationship expert and psychotherapist; raw and tough truth on why relationship don't work.

e) Steve Harvey - funny way to teach women how to respect themselves and specific relationship advice.

2. During Crisis, when things are falling apart:

a) Les Brown - his voice will pick you up, when you are really low.

b) Robin Sharma - he reminds of what’s most important, deep truth, purpose, why we are here.

c) Tony Robbins - on why we do what we do, to dig deeper into yourself.

d) Jim Rohn - he is funny in an intelligent way and his wisdom is timeless.

e) Nick Vujcic - just incredible human being, who has physical disadvantage, and strongest heart and mind.

3. If you are sick, have no energy and no faith, when it’s time to let go and forgive. 

a) Louise Hay - she teaches you how to love yourself, what most people are missing, sadly.

b) Dr. Wayne Dyer - how thoughts influence us, on manifesting and other deep spiritual topics.

c) Dr. Joe Dispenza - when spirituality and science meet, how to heal yourself when traditional medicine is helpless.

d) Ajahn Brahm - he is my favorite monk - funny an witty, “4 Ways of Letting go” - my favorite, watched many-many times. 

4. They will make you act (if you think too much like me):

a) Tony Robbins - state change, physiology and his infectious energy will make you act instead of thinking. Incantations "I am the Voice", "Wealth and Abundance" - small things that make massive difference.

b) Brendon Burchard - he loves hard work, process and balanced life, not missing out on any part of it; any action matters, consistency of efforts bring the outcome.

c) Mel Robbins - teaches you how to “just do it”.

There are many more inspiring people out there, I just chose my absolute favorites.

These are free resources, the books and courses, coaching will come later.

The main advice here from someone who does personal development for 7 years - choose 1 person, 1 topic that speaks to you and explore. You will find someone who suits you more at this period of your life. That's guaranteed.

Your life is worth mastering.

With love and compassion,

your coach Irina AL Daker.

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