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3 Ways to Get Unstuck

Going through hard time? Feeling drained and exhausted? Everything you do seems meaningless and hopeless? "Nothing I do is working!" you might say even out loud or just in your head.

I got you covered. Feeling bad is actually good! I am not just being positive here, simply looking at the bright side as usual.

I learned from Tony Robbins one great phrase that always comes up in my mind in difficult times:

"Welcome, frustration!"

Let me warn you here, it is impossible to feel happy, positive and great all the time. We are humans and we experience life and not always make choices in our best interest. Sometimes we have to look straight into the feeling and get to the truth.

I am a feeling person, very sensitive and I do feel better and way more than most of the people when I am on my high. But I do feel really awful, like it's the end of the world when things go wrong. And I had plenty of those moments. This is a gift and the curse at the same time. If you feel more like me - I encourage you to not avoid uncomfortable feelings, face them instead. That's how you can take action faster. You definitely know when things are not right!

So, you are stuck and don't know what to do next. The good idea will be - to change physiology - go for a workout, dance, or perform any movement for 10 minutes.

Very often the feeling is worsened by the way we move, or don't move - which is more appropriate in this case.

If you are not training your body, there is more chance of feeling stuck. Our body is made to move. The more we do it, the more energy we have to solve any life challenges. And they will surely come, you can trust me on that.

Second tool is meditation. If you have never done it before, this is a sign to try it. Start from 10 minutes of focusing on the breathing and feeling your body tension.

I always use guided meditations from, and podcast Hay House Meditations.

You don't need to stop thinking, all you need - become an observer, a witness of your thoughts and emotions. If this is too hard for you now - you can use another form of organizing your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes training, meditation doesn't work, when I am overwhelmed by a feeling or a situation.

Opening the notebook, or just taking a piece of paper and writing down everything you experience is an extremely powerful activity.

I see a lot of people dropping their baggage on people instead of handling it in a healthier way. You can always get professional help, instead of throwing all your feelings of frustration, fear and doubt on dear people. Or not so dear ones. :)

They have their own staff to work on and most likely they won't be able to help you. They are emotionally invested in how you feel, they are worried for you. On the other hand - coaches, psychologists, therapists use logic to solve your problem, taking you out of emotion into the action.

Writing your thoughts down is free of charge and will help you as well. Always remember, in the extreme cases - always to seek a professional help.

And the last but not least, better after you have done training and/or meditation, it's time to take action.

Your health seems to be a problem? Sign up for classes, gym, find a trainer. Lack of sleep? Start on setting sleep routine. This one took me almost 6 months to make it consistent, who would think?!:) You hate your job? Look for more meaning in the job you do, there is always something you can appreciate. And start working on changing the direction. One step at a time.

Still have questions? Contact me through email for a free coaching call. I can help you.

with Love and Blessings,

your coach Irina Ko

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