How to win Procrastination Fight?

I guess I can write about it for many months. But I will keep it simple and short.

Procrastination means - postponing, putting things off - for tomorrow, week from now, next month or just later.

Yes, when we say "I will exercise tomorrow" - tomorrow comes and nothing happens, that’s our known enemy. Or friend?

I have been always observing people. People who do, people who don’t. The results they get or don’t get. I have tried both ways and have some distinctions.

I have started my Procrastination-battle in November 2012. I consider it my first real victory. I wanted to sign up for the gym. I was waiting for my friends to go with me and of course that never happened. Then I finally realized: "I need to do it on my own".

The problem was...

I did’t have a perfect pair of shoes!:)) (Brain never stops playing with us, doesn't it?).

I did find my Ferrari Puma “perfect shoes” in a month. And that’s it. I went to the gym - alone, frightened, with headset in my ears, so no-one would talk to me.

I still remember my first 5 minutes on treadmill. I used to smoke, so they felt pretty bad. I even don’t remember what I did there with weights on the first day. When it was my second time to go back, I was so sore, and of course in the past I would quit at that point.

That time was different, I gathered all my powers and did go to the gym. I guess I have never been more proud of myself than that day. That was the first time ever when I tasted discipline.

I give respect to that small decision, it brought the result of my 8 years non-stop, consistent training. That’s exactly when it had started. One single decision.

Since then, training was my biggest fight for discipline over the next two years. It was hard, I was scheduling it every week. Even despite my plan of training 5 times a week, I sticked to 3 times a week. And when it was 4 - I was extremely happy.

I went through 1 month ProcrastinationFree-Diet. Everyday do 1 thing that you don’t feel like doing.

For those people who think that life should’t be hard and you don’t need to do an effort, I have something for you to reconsider. I have lived like that from the age of 17 till 22, I did whatever was comfortable, fun, no difficult things. I ended up feeling weak, negative, blaming everyone and everything around, selfish, hating myself and others. And of course the Universe, that it didn't give me what I wanted:)))

Effort doesn’t make us worse. The strength of a character can’t be developed through doing easy things.

That’s why I see training as a war with yourself. It changes our physiology. It never gets easier in reality, we just get used to it. It’s like having hard conversation with your boss, friend, partner. It’s never a comfortable and pleasant thing. But results after? Beautiful.

What worked for me for a long time - was to wake up early at 5:00am, do the training and meditate. Let me tell you why. Willpower is like a muscle. In the morning it's the strongest and then it fatigues during the day. And if you want even more logic on it - first 20 minutes when you wake up - are influencing your subconscious mind (the one that rules 90% of our life).

It's important when you want to change something about yourself on a deeper level. Your body doesn't resist change, it doesn't work according to your past conditioning. The brain is awake and body is still asleep.

When you try to change who you were - you will always face a lot of negative thoughts. That's your past-self tells you: "This is uncomfortable, I don't like it. It doesn't feel like ME anymore. It doesn't feel right"

And that's absolutely normal. Those voices don't last. They always subside when we keep doing what we need to do.

All the changes I have made - I have gone through making peace with those voices and still doing it. I didn't accept it as being ME. I wanted to be someone better, and this always requires us to disconnect from who you were in the past.

Coming back to the training though, the way your day goes after is different from the one when you don’t train. Do you think CEOs train every morning to look good? I doubt that. It’s not a bad byoproduct though.They need things to be done, they need to perform. Training shifts your physiology, mood, energy levels. The days you don’t feel like it are exactly the ones, when you need to do it the most. 

And then - what project can scare you? If you have already won the main battle - battle with yourself? 


I guess all of us want it to a certain extent. Not overconfidence, not arrogance, but the comfortable, no need to prove “I can do it". Certainty in yourself, who you are, that no other voices can disrupt this. Confidence in achieving your goals and dreams. You always start small. Why not to start from keeping the promises to yourself?

P.S. If you had the patience to read it till the end, I am happy to tell you the good news.

I start my Life Coaching practice in the nearest future and for now will be giving no-fee 1 hour sessions. That's my way to help the community in the hard and uncertain times.

If you think I can help you, write me a DM on IG, or leave a comment here.

Never stop improving,

Never stop growing.

Your coach Iryna.

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