Craving Sugar? Here are my practical ways to get rid of the addiction.

I have had a conversation today with my PT client about how she had gained 16kg. The enemy was chocolate ice cream. She never ate much sweets in the past and didn’t have any struggles with weight, until she got pregnant and had unstoppable desire for sweet.

In my own experience, 2 times I ever gained weight - 5kg one time and 7kg the second time, the common enemy was the same - sweets. I know, I don't wait for 20kg to start panicking, I start acting from fear much earlier :)

I grew up in a family, where we had whole foods most of the time, fruit, vegetables, meat. Sweets were in our house literally once a year. On the New Year we had an abundance of candies and chocolate, as everyone was giving it to us. I still have no-control and no-guilt for eating sweets during 2 weeks of New Year :)

   In 2013, when I had just moved to Dubai, I did 2 weeks of low-carb diet. It brought me the 6-pack I dreamed about.

It backfired beautifully though, as over the next 6 months I developed the massive addiction towards sweets. I noticed one day that I bought 3 chocolate bars, I became aware of the enemy. I wasn’t eating that good as I thought.

That’s why I always consider a great idea to write down Food Log, or track the calories.

This shows us that we don’t eat little in reality. If you don’t lose weight and think you eat in a calorie deficit, then you are just thinking that you eat in the calorie deficit.

If you are not measuring, you are just assuming.

  But let's come back to the topic of sugar.

Why this backfire usually happen? I always explain with simple words, that people can understand. When we remove complex carbs or limit them (rice, potato, oats, quinoa, beans), we will instantly want to have them. Carbs is our source of energy, in moderation it also gives us good mood.

And brain doesn’t know the difference between rice and cake. Cake is the fast release of energy in the blood. It’s good when you are doing 4-10 hours endurance events, as you need instant  rise in energy, but in real life it’s just empty calories that turn to fat on the stomach and thighs. That's why you can often see pretty skinny girls with fat on stomach. That's your cookies, you can't fake it.

In the long term sugar spikes, will cause you being constantly tired and of course developing much more health issues eventually.

And not to bore you with theory, I will move to the practical application of it.

You don't need to know how the electricity works. All you need - is to flip the switch ON button to get the light.

I am a practical person, and as much as I love to absorb the information, the real miracles happen when we start applying the things. In reality, you can know 3 things and use them constantly well, and it will be enough.

Now the main thing how to get rid of this sugar addiction?

  1. Exchange sweets for fruit, dried fruit, dark chocolate.

  2. Have protein shake in the morning.

  3. Have protein based sweets - pancakes, waffles, muffins, nice cream.

  4. Add cacao to your smoothie, porridge or whatever your mind comes up with. (As long as you don't surprise your family with cacao pasta... or cacao greens salad...)

I have applied these tools not only with myself, as well as with my training clients over the last 4 years. It works beautifully all the time. It’s a bit uncomfortable, as getting rid of any addiction, but it’s always worth it.

The result of it? The next time you try cake, chocolate bar, cookie, you will find it extremely sweet. The last time I ate Snickers was in 2017, when I was in hospital after car accident. I just thought "whatever”. But you can’t blame me :))

Choose only one single thing that speaks the most to you and put it into practice at least for 2 weeks. And NO - you can't be healthy and in good shape if you eat 1000 calories a day from nutrient-empty foods. And you must already know this.

P.S. Would love to hear on your story with the sweet-fight or if you have any other ideas that worked for you. Or ask the question if you have one.

Never stop improving. Never stop growing.

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