3 Coaches in 3 years

So many coaches, no wonder everyone can have a paradox of choice. And then in the end of the day: do you actually require one? My experience not as a coach, but how I WAS coached and why.

Couple words about myself:

I have been working full-time for the past 4 years as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Actually exactly in April 2016, I have left my secure and too comfortable job in Dubai Hotel to pursue my passion of helping others to be healthy and fit.

 I have never liked to coach groups, as I was always fascinated by exploring 1 person, dig deeper. That what 1 on 1 coaching is for me.

But here i would like to give a look at my own personal journey of being coached.

As many people wondering why coaches can’t or don’t coach themselves.

My favorite explanation on this topic would be:

“Even if you are the best brain surgeon in the world, you can’t perform brain surgery on yourself.”

I have been training myself for the last 8 years, and there is a limit to where you can go by your own powers.

For example - you can learn from available resources how to squat, do push-up, basic programming, how to eat, sleep, how much cardio to do.

Let’s say it will be 4th level of progress out of 10 possible, you can look and feel pretty good here, and achieve good results at the same time.

However, if you want to go forward, instead of backwards, there will be more expertise required.

And I am completely non-believer of “maintenance” in training, nutrition and life. It is ok to spend few months enjoying the results and easing up on yourself.

Just be aware not to stay there for too long, the road backwards is very easy. You stop doing what you were doing - and here you go again on the same trip of guilt, lack of confidence, gained weight and disappointment with yourself.  

You just simply don't deserve being there. AGAIN.

This is not a road for everyone. Not all the people have high ambitions. If you are happy with less - be. I have full respect and zero problem with that, though you might never be my friend :), as we have different value system.

But if you have the itch for growth and expansion, like me, then some things can be and should be done. 

I can definitely say, that investing in coaching was the best spent money.

It gives you 3 things: accountability, consistency and confidence. Consistency and long-term results are going hand in hand.

My first coach was not training coach. It was Results Coach from Tony Robbins Team.

I was always interested in well-rounded development: health, relationship, career, spirituality, financial freedom. 

I took 1 year commitment with the coach. I was more interested that time in business development, wanted to grow my company. And the results were beautiful, until half a year later I have decided to leave the company and focus purely on coaching clients. It was bringing me the most fulfillment and happiness.  And still does.

By the end of the contract I have realized, that level of expertise I was getting was too much for me. And I have decided to focus more on my training improvement.

 For 2 years I was working on my strength and one thing I was lacking was - consistently working on the same thing. Yes, I know it's boring for most of the people, and that's why when I pay money, I feel more obliged to do what is required. 

At the same time I don’t like not to keep the promise, so I will definitely follow through. 

It took 9 months for me to be completely happy with my strength improvement and polished technique of complex Olympic Lifts.

I started to notice that I was not able to commit the same amount of time as before 1.5-2 hours x6 times a week.

Training started to take too much of my time and energy, and for me training is always means to an end, rather than main focus. If i don't have time and willpower for other things, that doesn’t suit me.

And besides this I have realized 1 thing.  I wasn’t willing to pay the price of my constantly sore body in order to add couple kilograms to my lifts. I still remember how I parked next to the gym as usual, took my gym back, made 10 steps and I just came back to the car. My body was smashed. I just went to have a nap and few months later it was over with my strength improvement. And I was absolutely happy with results, 80-90% of my strength is still there.

I was really surprised 1 week after recovering, that my body wasn’t aching from soreness as for the past months.

    I started to enjoy more and more cycling and running and on the 7th February 2020, while standing at the beach, watching for the 3rd time my now husband to prepare for IronMan 70.3, something clicked in me. I couldn’t “unclick" it anymore. 

 And the same week I decided to start preparation for IronMan 70.3. I took a coach immediately, as even  despite my knowledge of strength training, lifestyle, nutrition, I knew nothing how to improve my endurance skills towards finishing 1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21.2km run. I have only done 21.2km run twice in my life and that was awful. And oh yes,  I can’t even swim besides this. So, a lot to work on. I didn’t want my discouragement to stop me from massive achievement.

And one of the reasons of improving endurance is that it's my weak point. Even in life i can push really hard and then rest completely, I wanted to find the pace, to keep going when it's hard. Training for me has a direct influence on character traits, that’s why I never stopped doing it more than for a month for the past 8 years. Improving strength makes you stronger, pushing though burning pain makes you more resilient, and enduring boring running makes you focused on the long term-goal and just doing it, despite it's lack of excitement. And most of the goals in life require long-term focus for years, if you want to be really good at something.

The honeymoon is over:) Or not?!

I have started my first running session after our honeymoon, on 12th March, and 2 days later all gyms and pools in Dubai have been closed, 1 week later we aren’t able to run outside. Only one thing that was left - cycling. I have never cycled indoor, now its my 4th week of cycling 6 times a week. Definitely my cycling will be good by then. 

All I can say, having a coach right now - keeps me on track with my goal, as health is the vital part of my life. Coach is someone who is out of frame of your life. Very often we can’t see ourselves clearly, as we are IN the frame. And usually it's very obvious to others. 

If you are interested in improving any area of your life long-term - 6 months, year, 5 years, my advice -take a coach at least for 3-6 months. You will be much further in your progress than if you were alone. 

And by the way - you are NEVER alone.

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